Trash Sorting Game

I built this game to encourage recycling  by playing a fun game. I made 3 different versions of the trash can and recycling game.  The first one was when we got the idea and just made our idea.  Then, we decided to add a few features to the game we made it in a different game because we could look at our old code and copy it to the other game  because we where adding more not changing everything.  Last we made version  3 the final product  we fixed everything up and added some cool things.  I hope you like this game. 👍😁


Version 1

This is our starting point. It was really basic.  The top and the bottom of the trashcan were separated  and there where only 2 pictures and it went it the right  bucket no mater what. 


Version 2

This is the second point of the process.  the dancing feature is not fixed yet.


Version 3

This is the last point of the process. There is a timer and a tracker that tells you how many points you have.  The dancing feature is fixed and there is a new back round it tells you if it is wrong.


Stories of the "Thank You" feature

When I had the idea for a, "Thank You" sound I looked it up in bitsbox and it was not a thing